A "smart city" in Malaga

A 'smart city' in Malaga

The name, Zeta District, is obviously related to the children of the 'Millennial' Generation, but the architect details the reasons why they chose this name. “The first reason is because the projection of the future citizen will be Generation Z. The second is because the values ​​of the 'smart city', which is the concept of District Z, are closely related to new trends and the new values ​​of the generation itself: sustainability, technology, mobility and the community”, he lists.

The city of the future is already here. Specifically in the Sánchez Blanca sector, in Malaga. A 66-hectare neighborhood where 3,443 homes are projected embedded in an environment designed by and for Generation Z. The flag of this project is raised by Urbania, which bought the vast majority of this area in 2019 and will be in charge of urbanizing the development despite transacting several lands to developers of the draft of Aedas Homes or Habitat. idealista/news visits the pilot neighborhood and discovers the secrets of the Zeta District with Víctor Troyano, architect and director of conceptualization of Urbania.

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