Consigue la decoración ideal este otoño de la mano de 3 sencillos consejos

Little tips to get the most out of autumn

There are many aspects that completely change our home with the passage from one season to another. However, if there is one aspect that plays a fundamental role when it comes to each of the seasons, colors are absolutely decisive. And as we have previously mentioned, in summer bright and bright colors are the most sought after.

Colors that disappear during autumn to give way to warmer and more neutral tones, highlighting colors such as brown, mustard or ocher, which seek precisely to generate that atmosphere of comfort that is directly linked to autumn, generating a feeling of tranquility. and much greater intimacy than that which reigns throughout the summer.

Another of the fundamental aspects that characterizes this time of year is none other than nature and all the changes that come during this season. The leaves fall from the trees, and the streets are full of these same leaves, creating an infinite number of colors on the ground. And to bring home this attractive variety, what we have to do at home is to rely on natural elements.

Elements that are widely used in all types of decorations, regardless of the time of year. However, for autumn, it is possible to create a very special atmosphere in our home with flowers, tree leaves or dry plants, giving any of the rooms in our home that particular touch that autumn generates in streets.

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