Consejos para elegir bien el tipo de pintura

There are those that improve insulation, others for allergy sufferers and even for floors... The range is very wide.

After the holidays and with temperatures still high, many people decide that it is the ideal time to paint the house. Well thought out, in fact, everything will dry very quickly. But how to choose the right paint?

The paintings are no longer what they were before, when there were many fewer colors and many fewer qualities. The market is really very broad and that can make your choice even more difficult. What is best for you?

First you should know that, depending on each space in the house, one or the other is appropriate. You should also take into account its covering power and how much it yields (the yield is indicated in liters per square meter), as well as the drying time.

For example, if we talk about bathrooms, which also usually do not have windows, which encourages condensation, you may want paints with glass microspheres that serve to cool the walls and ceilings, thus avoiding annoying condensation. Be careful: before applying them, if there is mold on the walls, you must remove it with a fungicide.

If there is someone in your house with allergy problems, which is very common, you should pay close attention to what you buy to dress the walls. The photocatalytic ones work well as well as the antibacterial ones, which contain silver ions. Although in case of respiratory problems and allergies, the paints that are most suitable are the natural ones, the natural lime paints, which are much healthier than the synthetic ones (in this report we were talking about the only artisanal lime that is still open in Spain.

If what you are looking for is to paint furniture, such as those in the bathroom or kitchen, which will not all be walls, we recommend a polish to use on melanin. A satin finish is best for furniture, as it is easier to clean.

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